Teachers and Faculty

Our classroom teachers apply the Orton-Gillingham Approach tenets in every facet of their teaching. With an enormous fund of knowledge and experience, our teachers know how to best approach the individual instruction of each student in our school community.

Moreover, the Camperdown faculty does not limit its teaching to academics. We understand that the social and emotional growth of each child impacts his or her success in our school community and in the world at large. We know our students well: they thrive in an environment where rules are explicitly stated, where boundaries are clearly set, and where discipline is consistent and fair. Nevertheless, each situation is handled on an individual basis because our students are, indeed, individuals with unique personalities, backgrounds, and learning styles.

Friday afternoons are reserved for full faculty meetings where teachers discuss the students so that each teacher is aware of unique situations and achievements observed during the week. This helps them continue to tailor their teaching approaches for each student.

Several of our faculty members are national experts in the field of dyslexia. Some have presented teaching strategies across the country. At times, educators from other schools seek our counsel when making decisions regarding reading and writing instruction and classroom learning strategies. We are fortunate to have this wealth of knowledge within our walls and believe strongly that it should be shared. In addition, part of our mission is to bring other experts in the field of dyslexia to the Greenville community to share their ideas with parents, educators, and the community.