Lower and Middle Schools


3rd – 8th grade (Am, Star, D, E, M, and Y Groups)


Each class meets 4 days a week for 45 minutes and on Fridays for 30 minute intervals due to the early dismissal.

During the course of a day, Lower and Middle School students attend classes in Science, Social Studies, Math, Literature, Language Enrichment, Art, and Drama. In addition, each student works directly with an Orton-Gillingham trained specialist for a 45-minute period of specialized 1:1 or 1:2 language-based tutoring. This is the core focus of Camperdown's approach to remediation of the dyslexic child.


Language skills are developed in many ways throughout the day. In the language development tutorial class, reading, spelling, and written expression skills are remediated.

Language Enrichment

In language enrichment classes students practice study skills and computer skills. Students also work on listening skills, which can include auditory processing and sequencing skills.

Art and Drama

Art and drama classes offer students an opportunity to express themselves creatively. Students actively participate in plays in drama class.


Each student has individualized instruction daily, 1:1 or 2:1, in language skills with an Orton-Gillingham trained tutor. Tutorial and content classes are closely coordinated.


The science program focuses on developing the student's confidence in his or her ability to discover, through application of scientific methods, the principles that operate in the natural world. Each science course acquaints students with inquiry and observation as a means of acquiring scientific knowledge.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum strives to meet the needs of the students by preparing them to cope with future schooling, the challenges of our rapidly changing world, and the life roles they will encounter as adults. The program is designed to emphasize concept rather than fact, and analysis rather than rote learning (memorization). Lively discussion characterizes the social studies classes.


The mathematics program has two basic aims: to solidify and extend each student's knowledge of arithmetic (whole numbers, fractions, and decimals) and to provide a fuller appreciation of the necessity for vigorous structure and logic in all intellectual endeavors. Small classes focus maximum attention upon individual student requirements and include weekly tests and periodic standardized testing.

M and Y Groups Transition from Camperdown

We think of the M and Y Group years (similar to grades 7 and 8 in traditional schools) as a two-year period of preparation for leaving Camperdown. Recognizing the importance of these years, Camperdown only rarely accepts new students into these groups. M Group marks the beginning of preparing to leave Camperdown by the end of the Y Group year. Individual students in lower grades might be ready to leave Camperdown before the Y Group year, but a student reaching M Group is expected to spend the next two years building skills and preparing for his or her secondary education. If you are the parent of an M or Y Group student and have any questions regarding this phase of our educational program, please let us know.